Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Awesome!

Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Awesome!

I thought about naming this article, “Can I Get a Do-Over for 2015?”  That was the first thought I had when I began thinking about what I want for 2016 and realized that the “list” was basically what I wanted for 2015.

We create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions and inspired actions, so I fully expected to easily achieve my goals.  Along the way, however, the road got quite rocky.  I won’t bore you with the details, but long story short…by the second half of 2015 an old back injury became so painful (9+ on a 10-point scale) that it significantly reduced my level of engagement and activity in every aspect of my life.

Most people know me as typically being very positive and hopeful, but this pain caused me to experience a lot of unwanted negativity:

  1. I was often irritable;
  2. I got annoyed and angry at the lack of responsiveness in my body;
  3. I was frustrated that I couldn’t “heal myself” through exercises, yoga and meditation;
  4. I was frustrated that my back and pain were distracting me from my business;
  5. I felt powerless at times;
  6. I allowed myself to get disconnected from the outside world.

I did not want this negativity to attract other similar experiences, so I found ways to relieve the pain temporarily so that I could focus on thinking more positive thoughts.  Read More

It is Easier to Change My Diet than My Thoughts!

A healthy body is all about thought alignment.  If you don’t have the body you desire, it is because your thoughts are aligned with what you do NOT want rather than what you do want.  For instance, you may believe that in order to have a healthy, fit body you must eat only certain foods, monitor or restrict what you eat and work out to specific routines or for a certain amount of time.  Over time, however, you have been unable to integrate these changes into your day-to-day life and so you have the body you would EXPECT for someone who does not diet and exercise appropriately.  Your current physical state is because you BELIEVE you must do certain things to achieve balance with your natural health and well-being.  You BELIEVE that health and well-being are conditional…and in this example the conditions are diet and exercise. 

How do you explain then all those fit and trim individuals (like my son and my husband) who do not diet or exercise?  They eat what they enjoy and they do with their bodies also whatever they enjoy. Read More

Workplace Vibes

Thoughts that produce positive emotions emit high vibrations; thoughts that produce negative emotions emit low vibrations and make work a whole lot harder than it has to be.  As energy, our thoughts produce vibrations that go out into the Universe – the workplace, the organization, the marketplace, the community – and attract more of the same or similar experiences back to us.  Like attracts like and thus “what is” tends to continue to be.  This the reason that for some, the better it gets the better it gets while others stay stuck on that proverbial hamster wheel with never enough of what is needed most.

What’s your workplace vibe?  Do you think it is affecting the individuals associated with your business and your organization’s overall performance?  You can tell what your workplace vibe is by how it feels and by what’s going on in your workplace.  Take a look at just a few examples of high and low vibrations at work… Read More

A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change

My latest article, which was published in the Expert Speakers’ monthly newsletter.  Something that I feel very strongly about…

A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change – vitalink | vitalink.

Using Ferguson, New York, Boston and Baltimore Events to Create a New Reality

By Karin Cross

Every experience in life is an opportunity to better define what is wanted for the future. From the perspective of right now, do you want more of the same or do you want something different? If you want more of the same, do nothing and continue to focus on what is. If you want something different, however, then your thoughts and actions must shift to reflect the change that is wanted. Creating a different experience is simply a matter of making a choice and lining up your thoughts and actions with this choice. This is the Law of Attraction at work – what you focus upon expands.

Recent events in Ferguson, New York, Boston and now Baltimore present all of us with the opportunity to look at what is and decide whether we want more of the same or something different.   If we want more of the same – fear, anger, frustration, powerlessness, loss – then we simply need to keep doing what we’re doing and continue to focus on what is – the details of each event, blame and the past. This is typically how we tend to respond – unconscious, reactionary and totally focused on the negative – and thus the reason that social change takes so long. Read More

ALL Emotions are POSITIVE

All Emotions Are Positive“All emotions are positive.”   When my instructor said this in a recent coaching class, the words definitely caught my attention.  In this world of stark polarity, it is much more the norm to judge negative emotions as “bad” and destructive and positive emotions as “good” and productive.  The fact is, however, all emotions are positive… and from three very different perspectives.

  1. From the perspective of politicians, mass media and marketers, all emotions are positive because they know how to use them to manipulate our behavior. Strong negative emotions cause us to take action more so than positive emotions, so they campaign and advertise messages of fear, scarcity, injustice, and anger to get our votes, our time and our dollars.
  2. From the perspective of our Higher Self, all emotions are positive because they provide insight into our current alignment. Positive feelings indicate alignment while negative feelings tell us that our Higher Self is not in agreement with our thoughts in that moment.  If we are feeling despair or fear, our Higher Self knows that all is well.  If we are lonely or lost, our Higher Self knows that we are never alone.  If we feel angry or betrayed, our Higher Self knows that we are greatly loved.  Becoming aware of this inner discord allows us to tweak our thoughts and re-connect to our Higher Self.
  3. From the perspective of Law of Attraction, all emotions are positive because they indicate our point of attraction. (Recall that our thoughts are energy that attracts similar energy.)  Our emotions reflect what we’re thinking about and thus provide a reliable forecast for the arrival of same or similar experiences in the near future.  They are like road signs that pre-announce where we’re headed.  Have you ever started your day off a bit grouchy, and as your day wore on you met up with other people and situations that made you feel even more out of sorts?  I know I have.  By the second or third difficult person I’ve encountered in a short period of time, I’m looking in the mirror because I know that my own mood (caused by my thoughts) is what is causing this continued stream of grouchiness.  Recognizing our emotional “road signs” when we do not want more of what we’re currently experiencing allows us to refocus our thoughts on things that feel better and thus immediately change the trajectory of our future.

Read More

3 Quick Questions for Finding Your Life Purpose | Vivid Life

Great article and questions that help you dig a little deeper into your purpose.  Ultimately, our purpose is joy.  Your job is to determine what brings you the most joy in life and to then follow the path that leads in that direction.

3 Quick Questions for Finding Your Life Purpose | Vivid Life.

Day 105 of My Gratitude Practice

Recently, I’ve noticed 5 and 10 day gratitude challenges circulating around Facebook.  I’ve enjoyed reading some of the posts and thought it a bit humorous when a few began to grumble about running out of ideas to jot down on their lists.  Since today is my 105th consecutive day of writing 10 DIFFERENT “things” each day for which I am grateful, I thought I would share how this practice of gratitude has changed my perspective and my life.

The key to creating abundance in any area of your life – financial, love, peace, joy, fulfillment, health, etc. – is feeling abundant NOW.  You have to feel it in your bones every minute of every day.   Read More

No Job Will EVER Make You Happy!

If you’re unhappy at work, frustrated because you can’t find that perfect job or angry at co-workers or bosses who are ruining your life at work, I have some wisdom to share…You’re looking for “love” in all the wrong places.

Our happiness at work, and everywhere else in life, is 100% dependent on what we think about ourselves and whatever is going on in our current experience.  Being happy is a choice that we make every moment of every day. The challenge is becoming aware of our thoughts and then consciously choosing thoughts that cause us to feel better about ourselves and our work.

Here are some simple things YOU can do to bring more joy and happiness into your work experience: Read More

What is Your Calling?

Chances are, no matter what your current job is, you have the opportunity to fulfill your calling right now.  Many of us think that a “calling” is about a specific job or profession, and sometimes this is true.  For instance, most artists – from musicians and writers to wood workers and painters – feel that they are called and well equipped (meaning they have the talent) to do and be that.  I have always felt that these people are truly blessed to know exactly what brings joy to their hearts and to be able to then monetize it.  For the rest of us “differently” talented individuals, our callings are a bit more elusive and can take us half a lifetime to figure out.  It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Our calling, or purpose, unfolds throughout our lives.  It even changes depending upon our experiences and the opportunities that we dive into along the way.  Our calling evolves just as we do over the course of our lives.

So what if you’re in an ordinary job, surrounded by ordinary people?  Read More

Making Decisions is Like a Trip to the Ice Cream Shop

For a while I have known that job search coaching is not my passion but rather something that I just know and am comfortable providing my expertise.  It does not rock my world though because most people get caught up in the resumes and cover letters, and a great job search experience with awesome results is a lot more about a person’s mindset and their appreciation of their own value than about paperwork.  So in May, I entered into a 12 month coaching certification program and began thinking about the possible niches that I felt compelled to serve.  One of the downsides to being a person that sees possibility and opportunities all around me is that I often feel overwhelmed with the myriad of options, and inevitably I get stuck and end up in limbo until something pushes me one way or the other. Read More


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