About Me


  • Helping you identify and attract work that inspires and energizes you;
  • Turning dream jobs and callings into reality;
  • Finding joy in the day-to-day;
  • Guiding organizations to full employee engagement and contribution;
  • Uplifting, Empowering and Inspiring company workforces;

I am a Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher and Coach and a Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of experience helping and guiding individuals into jobs and careers in which they naturally thrived while leveraging talent and passion for the benefit of the organization.

I use:

  • My practical Human Resources and Employer experience;
  • My knowledge of the Universal Laws;
  • And my ability to help others connect with their vision of their lives or their organizations and what brings the most joy and satisfaction…


  1. Help individuals of all ages and stages align with fun, meaningful and rewarding work – through employment, entrepreneurship and volunteerism;
  2. And lead organizations in making quantum leaps in employee engagement and contribution.

IMG_1112Another area in which I have extensive life experience is depression.  Life as a depressed person who desperately wanted to be happy gave me the conviction to do whatever it took to find happiness.  It was in learning about the Law of Attraction and the incredible power of my own thoughts that I found my path to joy. 

I know deep sadness, and I know the way out. 

I share my journey and my knowledge of Universal Laws and how to change the way you think to help you release your unwanted emotions and live your life “happily ever after.”


Other details about me…

  • I have a BA in Russian Studies and an MBA from The College of William and Mary in Virginia;
  • I am a certified Senior Human Resources Professional;
  • I am a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

I share my talents and passions with our community through public speaking and as a volunteer with Harris Creek Elementary School, Raleigh Rescue Mission, AARP of North Carolina and Raleigh-Wake HR Managers Association.

An exciting new adventure for me is the launch of Day of Gratitude – a global gratitude movement that gets people around the world actively engaged in recognizing and appreciating the contributions that people make to our communities through the work that they do.  My ultimate vision is to move us forward toward a world at peace and communities in which we all thrive.  For more information about Day of Gratitude, please go to www.dayofgratitude.org.

In addition to coaching, speaking and starting a global gratitude movement, I am currently writing two books:

  • The ROI of an Enlightened Workforce,” (ROI stands for Return on Investment) in which I dive into the many benefits and rewards of promoting mindfulness, joy and connection to Spirit in the workplace and provide practical recommendations for leading organizations through this powerful transformation.
  • A children’s book series.

For fun, I love hanging out with my son, husband and two dogs, being with nature, doing a bit of gardening around the house, playing a little disc golf, meditating, sitting on my awesome back porch…  These are just a few of my favorite things.



There is not one among us who cannot experience amazing joy and success.  We are all powerfully and infinitely IMG_1095capable of doing and achieving anything that we desire, and it is my greatest work, passion and satisfaction to help anyone and everyone recognize their infinite potential and take confident, inspired action in the direction of their goals and dreams.






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