Racism is NOT in Our DNA, It’s in Our THOUGHTS…and we can CHANGE our THOUGHTS!

Racism is NOT in Our DNA, It’s in Our THOUGHTS…and we can CHANGE our THOUGHTS!

Five days following the Charleston, SC, racially motivated church shooting, President Obama pronounced that slavery and discrimination are in our DNA and that “we’re not cured of it” (racism)  during an interview with Marc Maron on WTF with Marc Maron.  Though I don’t think it was intentional, I found this statement extremely disempowering to us as a nation and to us as individuals.  Implying that racism is in our DNA and that it is a disease that is difficult, if not impossible, to cure is a limiting belief that takes away our power to experience the shift and change that we are wanting.

Racism is not in our DNA.  Racism exists today for one reason and one reason only – because we give thought and attention to it.  Mr. President, there really is a cure for racism…we just need to change our thoughts and our focus.

I am a Law of Attraction coach and teacher, and I help people align their thoughts and actions with their goals and dreams so that they can experience the realization of whatever they are wanting more easily, more quickly and with a lot more joy along the journey.  So if President Obama, or anyone else, came to me and asked for help in eliminating racism from their lives, we would begin by looking at their own thoughts about the subject.

Our thoughts create our experiences in and of life, our reality – and the more passionate we are about something – positive or negative, the more present it is in our lives.  If we want equality for all but our thoughts are focused on the lack of equality, we will continue to experience unequal treatment.   If we want acceptance and appreciation of all people but our thoughts are judgmental of others, accusatory of others, or suspicious of others, we will continue to experience a lack of acceptance and appreciation in our own lives.  This is the reasoning behind Mother Teresa’s quote, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”   We cannot fight against something and expect it to change; we must truly be and reflect the change we are wanting in order for it to become the new reality.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to be negatively biased and our thoughts focus (out of habit) on the opposite of what we want… and it is our habits of thought that keep us stuck in what is.  Here are some examples of thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping us stuck in racism:

  • Racism is rampant in the US.
  • If you’re white, you’re probably racist.
  • Many/most white police officers are racially biased.
  • Many/most employers are racially biased and favor white employees over black employees.
  • Our educational systems are racially biased against black students and families.
  • The decisions of political leaders and government officials are racially motivated.
  • Black people are suffering because of events of the past.
  • Modern society needs to make up for the wrongs committed against others of the same color in the past. 
  • White people have an unfair advantage in life, and black people are disadvantaged.
  • Jim Crow and discrimination are alive and well in the US.
  • If one crazy white person filled with hate kills a black person, the country must be filled with others just like them.

These are just a few of the beliefs that are keeping racism thriving in the US.  If we are truly motivated to eradicate racism from our lives and our communities, our thoughts must change and instead reflect the new reality we want to create.  Examples of new thoughts and beliefs that will help drive the change include:

  • One person’s actions are not a reflection of others’ thoughts or feelings.
  • Many violent acts take place in our country, and race is only one of the many motivations.  These people are sick and filled with hatred and fortunately are few and far between.
  • Most people, including police officers of all races, are doing the best they can to make a positive difference in their communities.
  • Opportunity is more accessible to all people today than at any time in the past.
  • We’re getting much better at valuing all individuals.
  • Equality and inclusion are getting better and better.
  • There are many examples of people of all races who are thriving.
  • The past is over – what my ancestors or your ancestors did has nothing to do with my life now.  I’m living in the present.
  • I create my own reality.  What I am experiencing is a direct reflection of my thoughts, and I have control over my thoughts.
  • I am the only person who can control my thoughts.
  • I am free!
  • I value all people and accept that they may have different thoughts and beliefs…even if I don’t like them.
  • Possibility and potential surround all of us at all times.

So where are your thoughts on the subject of racism?  Do you have a few that are stuck in what is?  Write your own list of what you desire, of the kind of society you want to live in, of the sort of reality that you want to see and experience in your own life.  Next, allow yourself to imagine what it is going to feel like when racism is no longer a part of your reality and FEEL it as if it already is true.  And finally…speak words and take actions that are in alignment with the freedom, equality, compassion, acceptance, etc. that you want to see in your home, your community and your country.

We cannot fight against or force racism out of our lives.  We can eliminate it only by shining light and love in as many areas of our individual lives as we can.  Every single one of us has a role in this, and we totally have the power to live the dream.


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  • i think any one who expresses any kind of hate is operating heavily through their ego. they live a life of lack and misery, due to that. i think its a good idea to feel compassion for them.

    • I totally agree. Hate expressed outward is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside.

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