Happy at Work in 2016

What would it take for you to be happy at work in 2016?

A new job with a bright future?

A new job at a different employer?

A new job with your current employer?

The same job with different co-workers or boss?

Make 2016 the year you finally experience

Pleasure, Satisfaction and Appreciation at Work.


This workshop is NOT about resumes or cover letters! Nor is this workshop about working hard, making long lists or attending networking meetings. My approach to finding work you love is very different from others’… and it’s easier and a lot more fun.

Happy at Work in 2016 is a 4-week teleseminar in which I combine my 20 years of recruiting and hiring experience as an HR professional, my 25 years of coaching and counseling others in job search and career development, and my 16 years of learning and applying the concepts of Law of Attraction and Positive Psychology to help you quickly and easily manifest the work experience you most desire.


Happy at Work in 2016 is for you if…

  • You are a recent graduate (or soon will be), and you want your first full time employment experience to be positive, empowering and supportive of your professional development;
  • You love what you do, but you want to find an employer that is a better fit for what is important to you (culture, management style, schedule, compensation, etc.);
  • You love your employer, but you want a different work experience in the form of different work, different co-workers, or a different boss;
  • You are mid-career, and you are ready for a change;
  • You are late career, and you want to transition out of traditional work and find a way to give back in a way that is fun, easy, impactful and rewarding.


In Happy at Work in 2016, you will learn:

  1. Recruiting and hiring from the perspective of HR, employers and hiring managers;
  2. How to align your thoughts with what you want so that you can achieve it easily and quickly;
  3. What your unique value is and what sets you apart from other employees and candidates;
  4. How to ask for what you want and tell your story so that the right opportunities actually come to you;
  5. When to take action and what actions to take.


Included in Happy at Work in 2016:

  • 4 live tele-classes;
  • 30 minutes at the end of each class for live Q&A;
  • Supporting worksheets and notes for each class emailed directly to you at least 24 hours prior to class;
  • Access to the recording of each tele-class so that you can listen again and again or in case you cannot join us at the time of the live class;
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee when cancelled before tele-class #2;
  • BONUS Gift: 60 minute complimentary Happy at Work in 2016 Strategy Session to help you customize and implement your plan for being happy at work in 2016. To be used within 4 weeks of the last tele-class.

You deserve to be happy!

You deserve to be engaged in work that is rewarding and fun!

You deserve to be treated well by your employer.

You deserve to be appreciated for your contributions.

You have the power to change your future. I’ll show you how.

Take the first step to being happy at work in 2016.

Register NOW to get started.


Join Me

January 19 – February 9


8:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST


Regular Price $397

Holiday Special $197

through Monday, December 21st.



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