Sex Relieves Pain (and Other Healthy Pain Remedies)

Sex Relieves Pain (and Other Healthy Pain Remedies)

It only hurts when you’re thinking about it.  Seriously.  You feel the pain only when you’re paying attention to it, and focusing on your pain just makes it more intense.   As a Life Coach and Law of Attraction Teacher, I am often explaining to people that what we focus on expands.  My recent painful experience with my lower back gave me the opportunity to really test this out.

The biggest “Wow!  It really works,” came in the midst of making love with my husband one night.  Suddenly I realized that I was feeling absolutely no pain in my body.  Nor did it return before I drifted off to sleep that night.  I’m sure the bio-chemical responses associated with sex might explain the pain relief.  It was the thoughts I was thinking, however, that were triggering those chemical responses and my lack of attention on the pain that removed it from my consciousness.  So…if you’re able, I highly recommend sex for temporary pain relief.

Here are several additional healthy pain relieving tips and techniques that helped me through my 9+ pain last year:

  1. Bask in Nature. Laying outside and completely immersing my thoughts in the nature around me was a very effective pain reliever.  As long as I was listening to the birds call from one side of the neighborhood to the other, or consciously drinking in the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face, or watching for cloud formations, I could feel no pain.  I also found this “basking in nature” experience to be very rejuvenating. 
  2. “I feel good!” Rampage. For several months, there was only one position in which I felt little to no pain.  So I would lie in this position to meditate and then go into a slow chant of saying, “I feel good” over and over.  Each time I repeated the statement, I would add more emphasis and emotion.  By the end I would be saying, “I feel GREAT!” with such exuberance and conviction that I really did feel great for a while, giving me time to get a few things done in the mornings before the pain returned.
  3. Do something for someone else. At the height of my pain, I was needed for a mock interview program at the Raleigh Rescue Mission because they were short volunteers.  I was a little uneasy about it, but I also knew that once I started focusing on the Mission’s residents and helping them practice for upcoming job interviews that I would probably forget all about myself.  I was right.  Soon after, I reached out to a friend who teaches First Grade to see if she needed any help in the classroom.  She told me I was an answer to a prayer.  Her appreciation and all the hugs from her students have been an important part of my healing process.
  4. Meditate. For two and a half months I could not sit long enough to meditate, so I would lie on the floor with my legs in a chair while meditating.  I cannot imagine going through this pain experience without the mental release that meditation provides.  It lessened the pain in the short term and kept me positive and hopeful for long term relief.
  5. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping on the pain always took the edge off.  My problem was that I would not usually think about this option at the height of my pain.  When we’re in a negative mental state, we lose sight of our options and opportunities.   If I go through something like this again, I will hire a Wellness Coach who utilizes EFT/Tapping.  (If you’re curious about EFT, check out the free online Tapping Summit that begins February 22nd.)

Here’s the bottom line – If you think about the pain, it’s going to hurt.  Pain relief is almost instantaneous though when you engage your mind in something that is positive and pleasant.  Look for things that are uplifting and distracting to you and do them as much as you can while your body is healing.  Such things not only reduce the pain, they do wonders for the rest of your mind and body as well, and they have no serious side effects or allergic reactions.


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