As a Matter of Thought

This is Law of Attraction!


As a Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher & Coach, I can help you “tune” your thoughts and beliefs to the frequency of whatever you are wanting to be, do, have or experience…

  • …so that you can ACHIEVE your goals and dreams EASILY and JOYFULLY,
  • …so that you can LIVE fully EMPOWERED and HAPPY in almost every moment,
  • …so that this world can benefit and grow as you become the POWERFUL CREATOR you are intended to be.  

The process is quite simple, the work is easy.  The first step – making the commitment to yourself – is truly the most difficult part of this journey.  

So now I ask you,


ARE YOU READY to be the 






What are you wanting most in your life right now?


Are you living what you DON’T want

 Instead of what you DO want?


confused woman


Are you confused, when you desire clarity?

Are you overwhelmed, when you crave peace?

Are you afraid, when you long to be bold?

Are you lost, when you want connection & purpose?

As your coach, I teach you how to connect with your higher self 
so that you always have access to clarity and inner guidance.




Do you know what you want?


Loving & Supportive Relationships? Engaging & Rewarding Work?        
Thriving Business? Work & Life Balance?
Passionate Calling? More Money?
More Joy? More Peace?
Greater Connection? Material Items?


woman staring off


And do you want it as


as possible?


As your coach, I will help you pursue your goals and dreams with great passion, confidence and ease.






woman looking right

Don’t know what you want…

but you have a very good idea of what you don’t want?


As your coach, I’ll teach you how to get clarity on what you really do want and guide you in the steps to achieving it.




Have you entered a new phase in life?


woman looking

School or Home to Work?

Career Transition?


Empty Nest?

Loss of Partner?

As your coach, I’ll help you find direction, courage and a sense of adventure and fun as you write the next chapter of your life.




pensive woman



Are you ready to MOVE FORWARD in your life?

Are you willing to DO SOMETHING different?

Are you COMMITTED TO YOUrself?


If you answered “YES” to these three questions, 

working with a coach may be your next logical step.






Schedule a FREEJoyful woman.

30 minute consultation


toward creating the life

you WANT to LIVE.











LOA life class


In YOUR home…

Women meeting

with YOUR friends and neighbors.

(Or at work as a Lunch & Learn or Workshop)


Feature Topic 


“What’s YOUR Point of Attraction?

Learn how you create your own reality and attract your experiencse – good and bad – into your life so that you can TAKE CONTROL and begin to attract more of what you are wanting and less of what you are not wanting into your life.


Not quite sure what the Law of Attraction is but would like to learn?

Law of Attraction Boot Camp

might be the perfect topic for you and your group.


Common topic requests include attracting your dream job, building a successful business, discovering one’s purpose or calling, living in the flow, attracting a partner, manifesting a new home or car or something else, becoming a more intentional creator and thinker, connecting to one’s higher self.   Other topics are considered upon request.


 What a POWERFUL way to bring FRIENDS together to CO-CREATE.


Contact me to talk about hosting YOUR own


LOA life class





Local to Raleigh?  Join me for my own

LOA life class


Law of Attraction NorthEast RaleighJoin my Law of Attraction NorthEast Raleigh Meetup to learn about upcoming Law of Attraction classes, meditation series, and more. 


 Upcoming Meetings and Classes



Hear from Karin's clients...


I have had the privilege to work with Karin for several years on multiple projects. She brings a genuineness and passion to everything she does regardless if it is speaking, coaching or contributing to the work of others. I know personally that she cares deeply about the success of those she assists and puts everything she has into assisting them in moving forward. She is someone I recommend to others because I know that she has been a tremendous asset in my life.

Michael York Author of Reset: Finding God, Finding Yourself, and Finding Employment

Karin Cross of Crosswalk is a very inspiring speaker. The Discover Your Purpose in Life and Career program that she offered at the Wake County Public Libraries, was very creative, motivating and helpful for our library members. We would love to have her back again. I highly recommend Karin Cross as a speaker.

Lisa Locke (Adult Services Librarian, Wake County Public Libraries)


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