I am a Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher and Coach.  I work primarily with individuals as well as businesses that want a workplace in which everyone thrives. I teach and guide from the perspective of Law of Attraction (the most powerful universal law) and from the knowing that we are all extensions of  God or Source and that we have access to our inner divine selves at all times.



As a Speaker, I share the practical application of the Law of Attraction to creating the lives we want to live, the businesses we want to work with and for, and communities that thrive. I educate, inspire and entertain audiences of all sizes, from club luncheons to conference keynotes.



As a Teacher, I offer live workshops and webinars that help individuals and groups understand the Law of Attraction and the power of their thoughts and how to leverage both to create the lives and experiences they want.



karincross_2As a Coach, I guide individuals as they pursue their goals and dreams, and I teach them how to create the lives they want to live long past the end of our coaching relationship.  My role as a coach is simply to help individuals achieve their desires as quickly as possible, in a way that is fun and joyful.


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