Turn Thoughts into Things and Dreams into Reality

Words from Clients and Colleagues

I HAVE recommended Karin to everyone! She is fabulous. She helped me get unstuck; renew my passion and recover from being “laid-off”.  Karin is the balance of real world; visionary and encourager.  She believes in her mission and it shows!     Nancy V.

I wish I had started meeting with you six months ago. You are so right that people are willing to help. Every interesting job I see, I look up the company on LinkedIn and get an introduction or if I know the person, an employee referral. I even contacted a second degree connection who spoke to me on the phone for a while about the pharma industry.  I wish I had grasped the concept of spending my time on connections vs. job boards much earlier! Thanks for the work you do 🙂          Ashley T.

It is frightening!  We are so spiritually connected.  Thank you for meeting with me today.  It was more than just about work but about my spiritual life….  You were sent into my life for a reason…. Thanks for everything.  I love your spirituality and commitment to it.  I really had it when I worked, but I had kind of lost it.  Too busy being busy and not listening.  Thanks for getting me back on track.  I look forward to our future meeting.     Joyce S.   

I got the job!!!  Hooray!  Our meeting and conversation really had a huge impact on all of this … my confidence to pursue the opportunity, and that this would absolutely be a move in a positive direction.  Add me to your list of successful grasshoppers! 🙂  I feel like I’ve hit the Top Echelon here, and I have NEVER felt this good about a job in my life.   Mardi B.

I cannot express how valuable our meeting was today in terms of helping me narrow my focus and move forward, and increasing my confidence. Now, I’ll work on staying positive. You are very good at your chosen profession!!     Casey H.

Thank you so much for your patience, guidance and encouragement, Karin. You have a wonderful gift and the world is a much better place for your goodness and presence.     Dave M.

I just wanted to say thanks for meeting with me two weeks ago and giving me suggestions on how to improve my resume and tips for how to have a successful interview. The interview I had following our meeting was the best interview I’ve ever had, and I got the job that I wanted!  I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with me, and I hope your organization continues to grow and be a blessing to people in the triangle!     Orlando D.

Karin has a great talent to listen and guide her clients to self discovery.  She has unique skills to ask the right questions and make accurate observations during the process.  I found my session with Karin to be very uplifting, positive and enlightening; which was a great gift to walk away with.  She can help you find what you are looking for.  I strongly recommend choosing Karin as your life coach.     Lynn T.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Karin speak on a couple of different occasions.  She radiates joy and truly wants to help others find their joy as well!  Karin is genuine, positive and enthusiastic.  She engages her audience so everyone is participating and sharing their experiences.  I have seen first-hand how she helps people think “outside the box” to understand their strengths and find their passions.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and I have left her discussions feeling invigorated, confident and motivated!     Jean L.

In low moments and tough times it’s important to have a guiding light.  Karin Cross, through positive energy and encouraging clarity, provides such a light.  Thank you, Karin, for the illumination.     Rob W.

Karin is one of the most sincere professionals I have ever met. I had the pleasure of meeting her through a non-profit and she instantly reached out to help me brainstorm the beginning of my career. She makes it extremely easy to talk to her about things that sometimes don’t come so easy. It is obvious when talking to Karin that she helps others because she honestly cares and wants others to succeed. She is an all around great person, and I highly encourage anyone seeking career counseling or life transitions to talk to Karin.     Angie T.

I first met Karin at a job fair during her presentation on the topic of job networking for 50+ workers. I found her talk stimulating, inspiring and empowering. She convinced me that older workers truly can find and achieve fulfilling second careers in today’s tough job market. When I later reached out to her to simply connect on LinkedIn she not only connected but also reached out to me inquiring into my desires in the job market and generously offered her professional assistance. Subsequently we met over coffee.  After much reflection on my background and the path I want to take she proceeded to give me a plethora of wonderful suggestions for everything from resume enhancements to training ideas to networking strategies. She has continued to stay in touch with me and my progress ever since then and continues to mentor and encourage me. Her insights and effervescent optimism have energized my quest for a new rewarding career.     Thomas M.

I have had the privilege to work with Karin for several years on multiple projects. She brings a genuineness and passion to everything she does regardless if it is speaking, coaching or contributing to the work of others. I know personally that she cares deeply about the success of those she assists and puts everything she has into assisting them in moving forward. She is someone I recommend to others because I know that she has been a tremendous asset in my life.           Michael York, Author of Reset: Finding God, Finding Yourself, and Finding Employment

Karin is a passionate professional who truly cares about people. I had the pleasure of working with her for several years and was part of a leadership development group, a new initiative conceived and spearheaded by Karin.  During weekly discussions as well as one-on-one meetings Karin helped me to dig deep and discover my personal definition of success. Her enthusiasm made this process of self-discovery fun and rewarding. She is an absolute joy to work with!     Martina S.


Words from Audiences and Workshop Participants

The Law of Attraction Life Classes are fantastic! I attended all 7 in 2015 and I enjoyed meeting different people each month who, like me, were excited to learn more about the Universal Laws and how they apply to our day-to-day lives…..Karin does a great job facilitating the discussions and providing various ways to achieve a higher and more positive vibrational energy (e.g., mediation, gratitude practice)…..By the third class of the series, my life partner commented that I had changed in a good way. He said that it was though a weight had been lifted off me and that he enjoyed being around me more. 🙂 We got engaged in August and we’re planning to be married this summer…..It really is possible for each of us to create the life that we desire. These classes helped me gain awareness of the Universal Laws and made me realize that I’m responsible for my future. And it’s going to be fabulous!….Thank you Karin and to all the team members who shared your personal stories during the series.     Susan C.

Karin was the guest speaker at our AmeriCorps Access Workforce Development Graduation event. She spoke very passionately and knowledgeably about being positive and inspired. Karin is keenly aware of the power of positivity and finding joy is life. She was the perfect speaker for graduation, a time when the graduates are trying to think about what comes next and how to get there. Karin’s sincere, lively style and enthusiasm make her a wonderful speaker, one worth listening to!     Deborah BromileyAmeriCorps Program Manager, Capital Area Workforce Development Board

You were just what I needed to hear today.  I was so depressed and defeated when I came in.  But you made me realize that I’m looking at it all wrong.  I know exactly what I need to do now.  I am excited and have hope again.       John

Thank you so much for this!  I’ve never heard job search talked about like this before, from the perspective of Law of Attraction and our thoughts.  It was great hearing it from this perspective, and it definitely helped me put things back into perspective in my own mind.     Brenda

So good to see you again – to experience your energy, love and wisdom.  🙂  My friend from work (the woman I was sitting next to) also thoroughly enjoyed your session and your energy.  🙂     Jennifer

You were phenomenal, Karin!!  I feel that your information will DEFINITELY help me to make a smooth career transition.  I will be taking positive steps to achieve my goal!     Inga

Excellent!     Ruth

I attended a workshop that you held at the Southeast Regional Library earlier this summer, and I was very blessed and encouraged by your heart and the information that you shared during that workshop.     Orlando

I enjoyed your workshop at East Regional Library.  I left with a renewed sense of optimism.  Thank you for this.     Robert

Excellent!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.     Attendee

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!~ I cannot tell you how helpful you were to me. You have definitely found your calling and blessing. Thank you for sharing it with others.     Joyce

Good behind the curtain insight.     Jimsey

Very good!  Lots of information presented in a personal way that I can relate to easily.     Eleanor

Awesome!  So informative and helpful!     Caroline

Most excellent!  Too many valuable things learned to list!     Mardi

Excellent!  Well planned and went beyond the standard for one hour at these types of workshops.     Barbara

The most valuable thing that I learned today was the power of your mindset and how it affects the opportunities you see….  Encouraging.  Genuine.  Realistic.  Practical.     Mary

Very empowering!     Christine

Karin is very knowledgeable and a tremendous confidence builder during very stressful job searches.     Joyce

Fantastic!  Very helpful!  Thank you!     Terri

Great!  This session was very helpful and motivational.  I am leaving with a new serge of hopefulness.     Ashley

Lively and engaging speaker.  Handouts were quite helpful and good for future needs.     Attendee

I enjoyed Karin’s candor and enthusiasm and knowledge.  I would recommend her for a class.     John

Very helpful getting insights from someone on the “other end.”     Craig

Excellent!  I felt very good about myself when we finished.  Glad to know others have the same problems.     Casey

Very motivating!     Katherine

Well done!  Gave valuable tips that can be used immediately.  Time well spent.     Annette

Great information that I can use in my job search.     Bianca

Very good overview of the key elements of the search process.  Sets up for more focused sessions.     Brian

Brought excitement to the presentation.     David

Motivating speaker.  Very positive and connected well with the audience.     Ruth

Absolutely wonderful.  Lots of information, ideas and things to think about.     Janet

I found the presentation focused on self motivation.  It is going to be a useful point of reference for me.     James

Great job!  Very informative.     Dee

Great energy to help get you “focused” and happy with your results.     Roszeil

Awesome!  Thank you.     Mary

I thought this was a very enlightening experience.  Ms. Cross was very insightful and enjoyable to listen to.     Colston

Very enlightening and insightful.     Roger

Fantastic!  🙂  I left energized for an interview!     Attendee

Great learning experience and very helpful.     Michele

Karin Cross of Crosswalk is a very inspiring speaker.  The Discover Your Purpose in Life and Career program that she offered at the Wake County Public Libraries, was very creative, motivating and helpful for our library members.  We would love to have her back again.  I highly recommend Karin Cross as a speaker.     Lisa Locke, Adult Services Librarian, Wake County Public Libraries