ALL Emotions are POSITIVE

ALL Emotions are POSITIVE

All Emotions Are Positive“All emotions are positive.”   When my instructor said this in a recent coaching class, the words definitely caught my attention.  In this world of stark polarity, it is much more the norm to judge negative emotions as “bad” and destructive and positive emotions as “good” and productive.  The fact is, however, all emotions are positive… and from three very different perspectives.

  1. From the perspective of politicians, mass media and marketers, all emotions are positive because they know how to use them to manipulate our behavior. Strong negative emotions cause us to take action more so than positive emotions, so they campaign and advertise messages of fear, scarcity, injustice, and anger to get our votes, our time and our dollars.
  2. From the perspective of our Higher Self, all emotions are positive because they provide insight into our current alignment. Positive feelings indicate alignment while negative feelings tell us that our Higher Self is not in agreement with our thoughts in that moment.  If we are feeling despair or fear, our Higher Self knows that all is well.  If we are lonely or lost, our Higher Self knows that we are never alone.  If we feel angry or betrayed, our Higher Self knows that we are greatly loved.  Becoming aware of this inner discord allows us to tweak our thoughts and re-connect to our Higher Self.
  3. From the perspective of Law of Attraction, all emotions are positive because they indicate our point of attraction. (Recall that our thoughts are energy that attracts similar energy.)  Our emotions reflect what we’re thinking about and thus provide a reliable forecast for the arrival of same or similar experiences in the near future.  They are like road signs that pre-announce where we’re headed.  Have you ever started your day off a bit grouchy, and as your day wore on you met up with other people and situations that made you feel even more out of sorts?  I know I have.  By the second or third difficult person I’ve encountered in a short period of time, I’m looking in the mirror because I know that my own mood (caused by my thoughts) is what is causing this continued stream of grouchiness.  Recognizing our emotional “road signs” when we do not want more of what we’re currently experiencing allows us to refocus our thoughts on things that feel better and thus immediately change the trajectory of our future.

So there you have it, three different ways in which all of your emotions are considered positive.  How do you use your emotions?  Are politicians and marketers using your emotions to influence your actions, or are you tapping into the wisdom that each of your emotions provides you in that moment about your connection to your Higher Self and your point of attraction?  Now that you are aware of the roles that your emotions play in your day-to-day, you get to choose.  Be unconscious of your emotions and be controlled by others, or become aware of your emotions and leverage them to live life on your own terms.


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