A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change
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A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change

My latest article, which was published in the Expert Speakers’ monthly newsletter.  Something that I feel very strongly about…

A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change – vitalink | vitalink.

Using Ferguson, New York, Boston and Baltimore Events to Create a New Reality

By Karin Cross

Every experience in life is an opportunity to better define what is wanted for the future. From the perspective of right now, do you want more of the same or do you want something different? If you want more of the same, do nothing and continue to focus on what is. If you want something different, however, then your thoughts and actions must shift to reflect the change that is wanted. Creating a different experience is simply a matter of making a choice and lining up your thoughts and actions with this choice. This is the Law of Attraction at work – what you focus upon expands.

Recent events in Ferguson, New York, Boston and now Baltimore present all of us with the opportunity to look at what is and decide whether we want more of the same or something different.   If we want more of the same – fear, anger, frustration, powerlessness, loss – then we simply need to keep doing what we’re doing and continue to focus on what is – the details of each event, blame and the past. This is typically how we tend to respond – unconscious, reactionary and totally focused on the negative – and thus the reason that social change takes so long. Read More

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Day 105 of My Gratitude Practice

Recently, I’ve noticed 5 and 10 day gratitude challenges circulating around Facebook.  I’ve enjoyed reading some of the posts and thought it a bit humorous when a few began to grumble about running out of ideas to jot down on their lists.  Since today is my 105th consecutive day of writing 10 DIFFERENT “things” each day for which I am grateful, I thought I would share how this practice of gratitude has changed my perspective and my life.

The key to creating abundance in any area of your life – financial, love, peace, joy, fulfillment, health, etc. – is feeling abundant NOW.  You have to feel it in your bones every minute of every day.   Read More

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Change Your Moment, Your Day, Your Life, Your World – Breathe LOVE

Breathe LOVE

I want to teach the world to “breathe LOVE.”

Take a deep breath.  Let it out slowly…and again…and again.  As you breathe in, think of whomever or whatever you are wanting to uplift or support or connect to with your love, and FEEL the essence of that love deeply and unconditionally.  Just FEEL the love.  As you exhale, release each breath slowly and attach to its flow the love you are feeling in this moment.  Do this for 68 seconds, approximately 6 to 8 deep breaths in and out, at least once each day.  I recommend this as an afternoon rejuvenating exercise.  In fact, I propose we start a new workplace practice called, “the LOVE break.”  J

Why feel love and why 68 seconds? Read More

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Avoid the Employer’s Black Hole…Establish a CONNECTION

Job_Search_Tip_of_the_Week_Black_Holes_crosswalkProbably the greatest frustration for job seekers is not hearing back from employers when they apply, email their resumes, send cover letters, leave voicemail messages and EVEN after interviewing.  I totally get it, and your frustration is justified.  However…your frustration is not serving you, and most employers are unlikely to change their current practices (at least, not any time soon).  So, what can YOU do to avoid the employer’s black hole?

80% of job offers originate with some sort of connection to the employer. It could be a currernt employee or someone who has worked there in the past.  These people are connected to other people at other workplaces, in the community and to their own circles of friends and family.  And some of them are connected to you. Read More

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Recruiting the Long-Term Unemployed

This is an excellent article for hiring managers, recruiters and the long term unemployed.  If you have been out of work for a while, you definitely need a story to tell interviewers about how you have used your time during this period.  It doesn’t matter whether you have used it to gain new skills, dabble in self-employment, volunteer your strengths and passions, or catch up on projects around the house.  What matters is that you are positive about your life in general and that you have used your time “productively.” Read More

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5 Strategies for Communicating When You Don’t Even Like to Talk | Entrepreneur.com

Great article.  I’m an Introvert myself, and it is a challenge sometimes.  I’m submitting an article to vitalink next month about my own experience as an Introvert and how my “get it done” strategy completely changed my life.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

5 Strategies for Communicating When You Don’t Even Like to Talk | Entrepreneur.com.

The stereotypical entrepreneur talks to everyone easily, but introverts need not be discouraged. Reticence does not doom you to failure.

Social science finds at least a third, and maybe half, the population is introverted. Successful entrepreneurs who are introverts make their personalities work for them. With less interest in the spotlight than accomplishing goals, introverts are inclined to let talented employees run with their ideas. Here are five strategies for making introversion an asset. Read More

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Your Bad Mood is More Contagious than You Think – Human Capital Institute

Great article further supporting the statement that you are like the people you spend the most time with.  Surround yourself with positive, passionate people if you want a positive, passionate life.

Your Bad Mood is More Contagious than You Think – Human Capital Institute.

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When Your Interviewer is Half Your Age – MonsterWorking

When Your Interviewer is Half Your Age – MonsterWorking.

This guest post is by Karin Cross, owner of Crosswalk.

As I talk with job seekers in their 40s and older, the conversation frequently turns to fears and anxiety over the prospect of being interviewed by someone much younger. Is it feasible that “young” interviewers may have age biases? Of course. But while a few might truly possess a bias towards younger workers, all interviewers have numerous other influences, including gender, ethnicity, education, work experience, even preferences in ice cream that might find their way into your interview experience. Rather than spending your valuable time and energy focusing on the possible negative implications of interviewing with someone considerably younger, release what you cannot control – their age and personal biases – and instead direct your thoughts and efforts to creating an awesome interview experience, regardless of your interviewer’s age. You have much more power, control and influence than you realize.

Here are some recommendations for creating a truly positive interview experience:

Cultivate an intentional mindset.

The most important element of a job interview is your mindset. If you are worried about the age of your interviewer, your thoughts are negative and so is your energy. Since like attracts like, negative thoughts will most likely attract negative experiences. As with all things in life, if you are looking for the negative, I promise you that you will find it. Release your attachment to the outcome and approach your interview as an opportunity to meet someone new, learn about a new organization, and gain significant insight into the position for which you are being considered.

Use your imagination in a good way.

Instead of imagining what could go wrong, spend five to 10 minutes a day “daydreaming” (visualizing) about an interview in which the conversation flows and the two of you really connect on a personal level. Envision a comfortable environment, frequent smiles and laughter, and an enthusiastic handshake as you part. Even more importantly, take time to actually feel, or emotionalize, what’s going on in your daydreams. Feel the joy of connection and the satisfaction of a great interview experience. Feel at ease with your surroundings and your Interviewer, feel confident, feel the excitement of adventure and exploration.

Remember “the 3 Knows.”

It is completely on you to know what you want, know your strengths and how they can be utilized to achieve your goals, and know how to communicate these effectively to your interviewer. Young interviewers in particular need your help understanding how your years of experience and the skills and wisdom you have gained apply to their organization’s current needs and especially equip you to make important contributions to their business. Take time to write and study your 3 Knows and note examples that will help you tell your story.

Add Value.

Seek to add value to the people with whom you connect on a daily basis, and in return, a stream of abundance is created through which your own needs and wants are met. There are several ways to be of value to Interviewers:

  • Interviewers are judged by the future success of the candidates they recommend for hire.  Innate survival instincts lead most of them to select the candidate that is believed to have the lowest risk of failure.  Help interviewers gain an in depth understanding of your capabilities and the environments in which you thrive by answering their questions with examples of past projects and performance.  In addition, ask great questions about the organization and the position so that you have accurate insight into their needs and environment.
  • If it becomes clear that you are not the best fit for the organization’s current needs, then recommend others who may be a better fit.  Your generosity will be remembered and rewarded.
  • Look for ways to connect with the interviewer on a personal level.  You may be able to offer advice, resources, information or assistance in an area not related to the interview.  Again, your generosity and good will towards them will be remembered and may even lead to a future call about another opportunity.  At the very least, you have established a new member for your network whom you can easily call on for information or a referral.

Interviewing is a mental and emotional exercise. For the best possible interview experience, make sure your thoughts, feelings and expectations are in alignment with the positive outcomes you desire.

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Interviewing Tips: When Your Interviewer is Half Your Age! | vitalink

Release what you cannot control and seek instead to make a real connection with the meet you meet…even in interviews.  Here’s my latest interview advice…

Interviewing Tips: When Your Interviewer is Half Your Age! | vitalink.


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