Change Your Moment, Your Day, Your Life, Your World – Breathe LOVE
Turn Thoughts into Things and Dreams into Reality

Change Your Moment, Your Day, Your Life, Your World – Breathe LOVE

Breathe LOVE

I want to teach the world to “breathe LOVE.”

Take a deep breath.  Let it out slowly…and again…and again.  As you breathe in, think of whomever or whatever you are wanting to uplift or support or connect to with your love, and FEEL the essence of that love deeply and unconditionally.  Just FEEL the love.  As you exhale, release each breath slowly and attach to its flow the love you are feeling in this moment.  Do this for 68 seconds, approximately 6 to 8 deep breaths in and out, at least once each day.  I recommend this as an afternoon rejuvenating exercise.  In fact, I propose we start a new workplace practice called, “the LOVE break.”  J

Why feel love and why 68 seconds?

When you feel love, you are in alignment with your own spirit and with God.  And so, focusing on LOVE helps you realign with your true source.   Focusing on anything for 68 seconds provides a significant shift in thought and energy and launches that vibration out into the universe and to the targets of your attention.  Giving LOVE your attention for 68 seconds then, resets your own perspective to one of openness and complete well being and generates a powerful energy that positively influences those to whom you send love, and even those you don’t.

Breathe LOVE to change the trajectory of where your negative thoughts, emotions or actions are headed in the moment.  Breathe LOVE to re-set your day if it has gotten off to a wrong start.  Breathe LOVE after lunch or for a quick afternoon LOVE break to re-energize and re-focus on possibilities rather than limitations.  Breathe LOVE as a daily practice to change a negative mindset to a positive one and to bring love more easily into your daily life.  Breathe LOVE to contribute to the pursuit of peace and prosperity around the world.  Breathe LOVE every day to change the world.

So go ahead.  Take 68 seconds for yourself and change your world.  I guarantee it will be the best investment of your time you’ve ever made.


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