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Monday Morning Mindset

Monday morning is a great opportunity to reflect on what you want to achieve and how you want to feel by the end of the week .  To help everything come together easily for you, take a moment to also make sure your thoughts are focused on what you want instead of what you don’t want to experience. 

If you are thinking about the lack of … time – money – people – cooperation – resources … or if you are thinking that your week and work will be difficult and stressful, then you are thinking about what you don’t want.  Read More

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A Workplace Gratitude Model – The Dialog Mile

A Workplace Gratitude Model – The Dialog Mile

Through scientific research, case studies, and personal experience, we know that happiness and gratitude in the workplace significantly improve the overall performance of the organization and the general well-being of its employees.  Now it’s time for employers to integrate this knowledge into the culture and day-to-day practices of their organizations.

As I consider how we can better infuse gratitude into the workplace, I recall a wonderful workplace program that I had the pleasure of facilitating a few years back when I was the Director of HR for the Dialog Corporation.

When I joined Dialog, it was a mash-up of haphazardly integrated organizations, cultures and systems.  Employees in every department felt misunderstood, under-valued, under-utilized and unappreciated.  Even though we had a lot of talented people who wanted to do good work and provide great service, quality and efficiency were very low and the morale even lower.

One afternoon, a group of about ten employees (representing all of the departments) and one manager approached me about developing Read More

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Workplace Vibes

Thoughts that produce positive emotions emit high vibrations; thoughts that produce negative emotions emit low vibrations and make work a whole lot harder than it has to be.  As energy, our thoughts produce vibrations that go out into the Universe – the workplace, the organization, the marketplace, the community – and attract more of the same or similar experiences back to us.  Like attracts like and thus “what is” tends to continue to be.  This the reason that for some, the better it gets the better it gets while others stay stuck on that proverbial hamster wheel with never enough of what is needed most.

What’s your workplace vibe?  Do you think it is affecting the individuals associated with your business and your organization’s overall performance?  You can tell what your workplace vibe is by how it feels and by what’s going on in your workplace.  Take a look at just a few examples of high and low vibrations at work… Read More

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3 Quick Questions for Finding Your Life Purpose | Vivid Life

Great article and questions that help you dig a little deeper into your purpose.  Ultimately, our purpose is joy.  Your job is to determine what brings you the most joy in life and to then follow the path that leads in that direction.

3 Quick Questions for Finding Your Life Purpose | Vivid Life.

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No Job Will EVER Make You Happy!

If you’re unhappy at work, frustrated because you can’t find that perfect job or angry at co-workers or bosses who are ruining your life at work, I have some wisdom to share…You’re looking for “love” in all the wrong places.

Our happiness at work, and everywhere else in life, is 100% dependent on what we think about ourselves and whatever is going on in our current experience.  Being happy is a choice that we make every moment of every day. The challenge is becoming aware of our thoughts and then consciously choosing thoughts that cause us to feel better about ourselves and our work.

Here are some simple things YOU can do to bring more joy and happiness into your work experience: Read More

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Mindfulness: A Key to Productivity at Work | Talent Management

This is a wonderful article about creating “balance” and joy in our lives just by doing a little mind works.

Mindfulness: A Key to Productivity at Work | 2014-08-05 | ePublishing.

Even the best jobs cause stress, but meditation may be a tool people can use to mitigate its effects.

In her latest book, “Real Happiness at Work,” meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg says workers can use mindfulness and meditation to improve their work lives.

Salzberg, who is also co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, has also written other books, including “Real Happiness” and “Love Your Enemies.” She said it’s possible to be fully present, committed without being consumed, and to manage reactions and emotions to counterbalance stress and frustration so people can do better, more productive work. Read More

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Change Your Moment, Your Day, Your Life, Your World – Breathe LOVE

Breathe LOVE

I want to teach the world to “breathe LOVE.”

Take a deep breath.  Let it out slowly…and again…and again.  As you breathe in, think of whomever or whatever you are wanting to uplift or support or connect to with your love, and FEEL the essence of that love deeply and unconditionally.  Just FEEL the love.  As you exhale, release each breath slowly and attach to its flow the love you are feeling in this moment.  Do this for 68 seconds, approximately 6 to 8 deep breaths in and out, at least once each day.  I recommend this as an afternoon rejuvenating exercise.  In fact, I propose we start a new workplace practice called, “the LOVE break.”  J

Why feel love and why 68 seconds? Read More

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Seven Signs You’re Wasting Your Talent | LinkedIn

Great article by Liz Ryan!  Not all employers deserve you.  Make sure you and your work are appreciated and recognized, or find another employer.

Seven Signs You’re Wasting Your Talent | LinkedIn.

When we teach career development courses, we start with the basics:

You were born, so you have a reason to be here. You have a little flame inside you, and you’ve had it since you were tiny. Your job is to grow that flame. How will you do that? You’ll do it by listening carefully to your heart and to your body. You’ll be receptive to cues from the universe, no matter what form they take. Read More

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Trends in Hiring Executives with Part-Time Schedules – Recruiting Trends

The world of work is changing!  After twenty years in Human Resources, I am convinced that our work weeks could easily be compressed to three or four days per week.  It has been my experience that there are typically a lot of time wasters and distractions that occur everyday.  People are not motivated to be focused and intentional with their time because they’re going to be there 40+ hours anyway.  If we offered people that same weekly pay and gave them the option of working three, four or five days per week…what do you think will happen?  Talk about balance!  Our lives be transformed by the new found time for family, for creativity, for rest, for giving, etc.

This is a great article.  Very happy to see the changes taking place in the work place these days.

Trends in Hiring Executives with Part-Time Schedules – Recruiting Trends.

By Sara Sutton Fell, CEO/Founder, FlexJobs

80 hours a week. No work-life balance. Read More

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Your Bad Mood is More Contagious than You Think – Human Capital Institute

Great article further supporting the statement that you are like the people you spend the most time with.  Surround yourself with positive, passionate people if you want a positive, passionate life.

Your Bad Mood is More Contagious than You Think – Human Capital Institute.