Workplace Vibes
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Workplace Vibes

Thoughts that produce positive emotions emit high vibrations; thoughts that produce negative emotions emit low vibrations and make work a whole lot harder than it has to be.  As energy, our thoughts produce vibrations that go out into the Universe – the workplace, the organization, the marketplace, the community – and attract more of the same or similar experiences back to us.  Like attracts like and thus “what is” tends to continue to be.  This the reason that for some, the better it gets the better it gets while others stay stuck on that proverbial hamster wheel with never enough of what is needed most.

What’s your workplace vibe?  Do you think it is affecting the individuals associated with your business and your organization’s overall performance?  You can tell what your workplace vibe is by how it feels and by what’s going on in your workplace.  Take a look at just a few examples of high and low vibrations at work…

High Vibes (Positive Energy)   Low Vibes (Negative Energy)
Feels like…      


Eager Anticipation








Looks like…
  All people are valued, regardless of the role they play.Leadership meetings are exciting and inspiring.

Meetings with the boss are uplifting and empowering.

People are excited to be a part it all.

Ideas and solutions come easily.

Feeling of flow from one task to the next, one project to the next, one person to the next.

Best in class products and services.

Regularly exceed expectations.

Easily attract and retain employees and vendors.



All people are not treated equally or considered equal.Leadership meetings are painful, unproductive and very de-motivating.

Meetings with the boss are disempowering.

People have little knowledge or interest in the big picture.  Classic “disengagement.”

Ideas and solutions are sluggish and complicated.

An extensive amount of effort is required to get anything done.

Mediocre at best in performance and delivery.

High turnover.



Here’s an example of high and low vibrations in the workplace surrounding thoughts about competition – internal and external.

A high vibe climate looks and feels like:

  • There is more than enough to go around;
  • An abundant and easy flow of opportunities to grow;
  • Highly focused on what you do best;
  • Happy customers and vendors who are a great fit find their way easily to you;
  • Competition challenges you to think even bigger and helps everyone prosper from the continued expansion;
  • Collaborative and Cooperative – Everyone wins – environment.

A low vibrational workplace is a bit more bleak:

  • Competition is fierce;
  • There are winners and losers;
  • The pie has a limited number of slices, so you have to fight for your fair share;
  • There’s not enough to go around;
  • You follow the money instead of the vision;

To SHIFT the predominant vibration of your workplace from negative to positive, or to make a few vibrational tweaks here and there, the first two steps are CLARITY and AWARENESS.

  • To become a “deliberate creator” in the workplace, you have to get clear on what outcome you want and what it feels like to have it.
  • Then, begin to pay attention to the thoughts, beliefs and words that don’t feel as good as achieving your outcome will. Release these thoughts or flip them to their positive. (i.e. There is not enough to go around vs. there is more than enough for everyone.)
  • Most importantly, focus on the thoughts, ideas, inspirations, coincidences, etc. that feel good and expansive and empowering and uplifting. Think those thoughts more, and more of what you want will come easily and in very joyful ways.

It’s up to you, of course.  Everyone is responsible for their own thoughts and their own vibrations.  What thoughts are you thinking that are making work harder than it has to be?  Life’s too short to not be having fun at work, and high vibrations in the workplace create that fun and exciting environment in which everyone thrives.


If you are interested in assessing your organization from a Law of Attraction perspective to identify some workplace vibes that you would like to tweak, email me to schedule a time to talk at


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