How Gratitude Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise — vitalink

How Gratitude Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise — vitalink

The Expert Speakers’ Karin Cross talks about how gratitude can make a big difference in our lives.

Source: How Gratitude Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise — vitalink

The Expert Speakers’ Karin Cross talks about how gratitude makes a huge difference in our lives.

GRATITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING in our lives and our communities. It is not just a feeling in response to someone doing something nice for us – gratitude actually makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. And here’s how:


Our thoughts produce chemical reactions in our bodies that significantly impact our physical well-being. Stress and negativity result in the release of Cortisol into the body which suppresses our immune systems, increases our blood pressure and sugar levels, causes inflammation in our joints and muscles, disrupts our sleep, and contributes to obesity (among many other things).

Looking for things to appreciate and feeling and expressing gratitude, however, counter the harmful effects of stress and negativity on the body. Experiencing gratitude triggers the brain to release “feel good” hormones like Serotonin, Endorphins and Dopamine. These hormones then result in a more positive mindset, improved metabolism, faster healing, a reduction in inflammation, pain relief, better balance throughout the body, better sleep, and so on.

So if you’re looking for a quick boost to your physical well-being, establishing a consistent gratitude practice may just be what the doctor orders.


Gratitude not only impacts our physical health; it has a strong influence on our wealth as well.

Our thoughts take the form of electric impulses that move through our brain. These impulses have a vibration (or frequency) that then attracts similar thoughts and experiences to us. Gratitude is a “high vibration” emotion – along with joy, excitement, positive expectation, well-being and abundance. When we are in a mindset of appreciation (or any of the other emotions listed above), we attract into our lives even more experiences that allow us to feel these wonderful emotions. So as we look for things to appreciate about the people in our lives, the work we do, the things we have and all of the incredible ways that our bodies support us in this life, we attract a steady stream of great wealth in the form of money, relationships, fulfilling work, things that we desire and better health.

This is Law of Attraction in action, and it works the same way for negative thoughts as well. We are vibrational beings. Our thoughts are vibrational, and they attract into our reality whatever we focus on…be it lack or abundance. It’s a vicious cycle if we’re on the negative side of things and a perpetual flow of joy, well-being and abundance if we focus our thoughts on feelings of gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis.

A consistent gratitude practice will therefore always bring more wealth into our lives.


Gratitude also makes us smarter, more creative and better problem solvers. Have you ever had a problem that no matter how much time you spend on it you just can’t find a workable solution? Then, when you step away and sort of forget about it while doing something fun, you suddenly think of a solution? This is because of the Law of Attraction. Thoughts about a problem are low vibration thoughts that tend to attract more thoughts about the problem. Solutions, however, are high vibration thoughts, so forgetting about the problem and having some fun instead puts us in a high vibration state of mind where we can better receive those sparks of inspiration.

In addition, high vibration thought patterns like gratitude, joy, and fun help us tap into Infinite Intelligence (God, Source, Universe, Inner Being, Collective Consciousness), which also resonates at a high vibration. When we are in a mindset of gratitude, we are a vibrational match to both Source and solutions, and we experience a steady flow of inspiration, creativity, innovation, and wisdom.

So…Are you ready to give gratitude a try? It’s the cheapest, easiest approach to improving all aspects of your life, and it just takes a few minutes a day. Make a commitment to write down daily five or ten different things in your life for which you are grateful for just 30 days. You’re going to love your results.

Gratitude transforms individual lives. As more and more individuals integrate gratitude into their daily lives, we will experience a significant shift in our communities as well. To help us move toward this shift, I and a few others have created Day of Gratitude, which is a day each month on which we publicly express our appreciation for the contributions people make to our communities through the work that they do. There are so many ways in which we all help our communities thrive. Day of Gratitude shines a light on the value of our work and how we impact our communities.

Day of Gratitude launches in June with the celebration of Nursing Assistants. For more information, go to


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