The Secret to Closing the Interview & Getting the Job

The Secret to Closing the Interview & Getting the Job


There is usually at least one occasion during the interview in which you are provided the opportunity to “close the sale.”  In other words, you have at least one chance to convince the Interviewer that you are a great fit for the position.

That opportunity is served to you on a silver platter with the question,


The question may be expressed:

  • “Why should we hire you?” or
  • “Why do you want this position?” or
  • “Why are you the best candidate for this position?” or even
  • “Why do you want to work here?

The secret, then, to closing the interview and getting the job is accurately, effectively and passionately answering the Interviewer’s question, “Why?”  Don’t wait until the interview though to try to pull this answer together.  Instead, devise written answers to the following questions at least 24 hours before your interview:

  1. What excites you about this position?
  2. What excites you about the prospect of working for this organization?
  3. What strengths will you utilize in this position?  (Does it under-utilize your core strengths?  If so, it is unlikely that you will thrive in this position over the long term.)
  4. What does the job need that you are qualified to deliver?
  5. Which of your unique skills, experiences or other qualifications (typically gained through project work, multi-disciplinary team work and crises) are needed to address the problems the employer is trying to resolve by filling this position?

After you have considered these questions, drafted your answers and sat with them for a while, then practice answering the various versions of the “Why?” question.  The most impactful answers will contain passion for what the organization is doing in the bigger picture, excitement for the strengths that you will be engaging in the position, a connection between your unique skills, experience, etc. and the employer’s problem they’re trying to solve and an eager expression of genuinely wanting that position with that organization.

The question, “Why?” presents you with the best opportunity to CLOSE the interview and get the offer, assuming that you are truly a great fit.  This is your moment to show the Interviewer how great a fit you are for just what they’re needing and your enthusiasm for the organization and the position.  This is your moment to shine.


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