3 Thought Tweaks for Easier Manifesting in 2016

3 Thought Tweaks for Easier Manifesting in 2016

Knowing how to manifest and thinking the thoughts that make manifesting fun and easy are two very different things.  

The basic manifestation process is:

  1. Be as clear and specific as possible about what you want. “Begin with the end in mind,” as Stephen Covey puts it.  This gives you direction.
  2. Know why you want it. Know the essence of what you want to create and what that feels like.  This provides you with the motivation to take action.
  3. Believe that you can achieve your desire. This aligns you with your desire.  If you do not believe, you will not achieve…period.
  4. Trust that each step to your goal will unfold at the right time. This keeps you open to receive your next step.
  5. Take inspired action as each next step reveals itself. This gives you momentum and makes the journey fun.

Knowing this process is a good place to start, but unless your thoughts are in alignment with what you’re wanting, your journey is going to be difficult at best.  So here are 3 simple “thought tweaks” that will help you reach your goal more easily and have a lot of fun along the way:

  1. Any thoughts about your goal must be positive.  Daydream about all the positive aspects of the manifestation.  “Pump up” you goal by asking yourself, “What if it’s EVEN BETTER than I’m expecting?”  Play with these thoughts when your mood is light and easy.  Focus your thoughts on what you DO WANT instead of what you DO NOT WANT.  For example, if you are wanting a new job this year because you are unhappy where you are, focus only on the positive elements of the new job that you desire rather than what you dislike about your current position.  Stewing about “what is” will keep you stuck where you are.  (What you focus on expands.)
  2. Recall from your past times when you have achieved other dreams and goals. Remember what it felt like when you experienced them.  Apply these feelings of satisfaction, joy, excitement, etc. to your new desire to solidify your belief in its manifestation.  In the midst of my chronic back pain last year, I often thought back to my youth when I felt strong and as healthy as a horse and envisioned feeling that way again.
  3. Let go of the details. Thoughts about “how,” “when,” “who,” and “where” reflect a lack of trust that everything will unfold at the best possible time.  Energetically, these thoughts create resistance and block the flow of what you desire.  If you can’t think about your goal or dream without getting caught up in the details, then think of some other aspect of your life that feels easy and fun to you.  Feeling “good” puts you in vibrational alignment with your goal and allows everything to fall into place in a way that I PROMISE will surprise and delight you.

These 3 “thought tweaks” are easy, but they do take conscious intention and practice.  Pay attention to how you feel and adjust your thoughts accordingly.  Be patient with yourself; developing new thoughts patterns takes a little time, but you’re going to love the results.


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