What is Your Calling?

What is Your Calling?

Chances are, no matter what your current job is, you have the opportunity to fulfill your calling right now.  Many of us think that a “calling” is about a specific job or profession, and sometimes this is true.  For instance, most artists – from musicians and writers to wood workers and painters – feel that they are called and well equipped (meaning they have the talent) to do and be that.  I have always felt that these people are truly blessed to know exactly what brings joy to their hearts and to be able to then monetize it.  For the rest of us “differently” talented individuals, our callings are a bit more elusive and can take us half a lifetime to figure out.  It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Our calling, or purpose, unfolds throughout our lives.  It even changes depending upon our experiences and the opportunities that we dive into along the way.  Our calling evolves just as we do over the course of our lives.

So what if you’re in an ordinary job, surrounded by ordinary people?  What is your calling and how do you live it on a daily basis?  Consider this in terms of identifying the real value that you bring to others.  Perhaps you have the gift of being able to organize ideas, situations, events, data and information, etc.  Someone with organization as a personal strength is hugely valuable in almost any environment and almost any job.  This talent and the person who is willing to engage it for others save organizations and its people tremendous time, effort and money in getting things done.

Perhaps you are someone who loves to learn and then share what you’ve learned with others.  You may have filled in the blank in, “I am a _________” with the word “teacher.”  Teachers are needed EVERYWHERE.  You don’t have to teach at school to have the heart of a teacher.  Use your gift and passion right where you are to help others excel in their jobs or in some aspect of their lives.

Perhaps you are someone that brings calm and harmony into whatever situation you become engaged.  You may have filled in the blank with, “I am a peace maker,” or something along those lines.  Again, this gift is extremely valuable amidst the chaos and discontent of corporate America.

The list goes on.  It doesn’t matter WHAT your gift is, you realize your “calling” when you USE IT!  Being just who you are and finding ways to do more of what you’re good at and what you love IS your “calling.”

So think about it.  Complete these statements:

“I am a ___________________;” and “I serve people by ______________;” to get great insight into your calling, into how you add value to your workplace and into how you make a difference in the world and then…Go do that!


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