The Danger in Finding a New Job While Working a Job You HATE

The Danger in Finding a New Job While Working a Job You HATE

Job_Search_Tip_of_the_Week_Job_You_Hate_Crosswalk_2The greatest danger related to looking for a new job while you’re currently employed in a job you hate (for whatever reason) is that you are very likely to end up right back in the same situation, just at a different location with different characters.  Why?  Because like attracts like, and your negative energy cannot attract anything but similar people and experiences into your life.

Emotions are energy in motion.  They create a vibration that emits from you out into the universe.  If you are angry, your vibration takes on an angry “frequency.”  Just like a radio…you cannot tune into AM 680 and hear what is playing of FM 96.8.  If your emotions are putting out anger, you will not attract kindness.  If your emotions are putting out lack (because you feel under-paid or under-appreciated), you will not attract abundance or generosity.

To eliminate the risk of getting more of the same in a new job, take some time to focus on the positive aspects of where you work now.  Make peace with where you are.  Forgive people and let go of the past.  Use the negative experiences to help you clarify the positive experiences you are seeking.  If you are able to look at the negative aspect and use it to identify the positive aspect, you can shift your perspective!  Now, feel the essence of the positive experiences you are wanting.  And with these new, positive emotions – energy in motion – pursue your job search.  I guarantee…you’ll like your results.


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