It is Easier to Change My Diet than My Thoughts!

It is Easier to Change My Diet than My Thoughts!

A healthy body is all about thought alignment.  If you don’t have the body you desire, it is because your thoughts are aligned with what you do NOT want rather than what you do want.  For instance, you may believe that in order to have a healthy, fit body you must eat only certain foods, monitor or restrict what you eat and work out to specific routines or for a certain amount of time.  Over time, however, you have been unable to integrate these changes into your day-to-day life and so you have the body you would EXPECT for someone who does not diet and exercise appropriately.  Your current physical state is because you BELIEVE you must do certain things to achieve balance with your natural health and well-being.  You BELIEVE that health and well-being are conditional…and in this example the conditions are diet and exercise. 

How do you explain then all those fit and trim individuals (like my son and my husband) who do not diet or exercise?  They eat what they enjoy and they do with their bodies also whatever they enjoy.

Ah…Some of you just thought, “That’s because of their genes!  My whole family is overweight/sickly, etc. and that’s why I am the way I am.  They inherited SKINNY genes!”  That’s another great example of a BELIEF that is OUT OF ALIGNMENT with the unconditional health and well-being that we all desire and that we all have access to.  No amount of action will overcome the belief that having overweight relatives means that it is your nature to also be overweight, and in the end… you will get exactly what you are EXPECTING.

Sometimes, the beliefs are much more subtle…as I realized while cooking dinner the other night.  I was making homemade macaroni-and-cheese with gluten free corn and rice pasta which I had purchased recently after hearing and reading a lot about genetically modified (GMO) wheat and how “bad” it is for our bodies.  As I was stirring the pot and wondering how my family was going to respond to this “healthier” pasta, I realized – I am BELIEVING that a certain pasta will affect my body in a certain way, and this BELIEVING is what makes it true.  I had to laugh at myself and that’s when I came up with the line, “It’s easier to change my diet than my thoughts.” 

It is not the food we eat that makes us fat; it is our thoughts about what we eat that make us fat.  It is not our genes that make us fat; it is our belief that our genes control our bodies that makes us fat.  It is not a slow metabolism that makes us fat; it is our belief that we have a slow metabolism and the resentment of those whom we believe have a fast metabolism that make us fat.

My own desire is to have a body that I love and enjoy and feel great in no matter what.  To achieve it, I must let go of my beliefs about diets, specific foods, exercising, genetics, menopause, hormones … the list goes on.  What are some of your beliefs about your body that are keeping you out of alignment with what you most desire – a body you love and feel great in?

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I help groups and individuals align their thoughts with whatever they are wanting to be, do or have.  When it comes to wanting natural health and well-being, I share with many of you the experience and journey of weighing more than I am comfortable with – both mentally and physically.  It is one of my life’s biggest challenges – changing my thoughts about my body and coming into alignment with my own natural well-being.  One of my current focus areas in my personal life and in my coaching practice is shifting thoughts and energy related to health and fitness and specifically, weight loss.  I love how far I’ve come both physically and mentally, and I am excited to share and guide others along this path as well.  If you are interested in bringing your thoughts into alignment with the body you desire, check out my upcoming workshop for women, Happy Mind – Healthy Body: A Metaphysical Approach to Weight Loss or contact me for individual coaching.


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