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Love Thyself Beach Retreat for Women

Come to the Sea, and Return to Love.

Open yourself to the immense love available to you from Self, Source, Mother Earth, and a sacred gathering of women.

Join Karin, Jasemin, Cathy and a Circle of Women on a journey of Self-Love and Restoration.


  • Slow down a bit;
  • Let go of the rest of the world and all that weighs you down for a little while;
  • Nourish your mind, body, and spirit;
  • Connect with Mother Nature by the Sea;
  • Experience the Magic of Sisterhood.

This Beach Retreat returns us to the subject and experience of LOVE and its sources.  Mother Nature provides inspiration for reflection, action, growth, play, and connection.  It is our intention that women leave this retreat feeling nurtured, nourished, and restored to their higher frequency of LOVE AND LIGHT.  As with all of our Retreats, we know that the Circle of Women provides the best magic and healing of all and that everyone will leave with new friends and a grounded sense of belonging…of being home…of having a Tribe.  This Retreat will host 23 women, including the Facilitators.


Retreat Details


Friday, May 10th – Sunday, May 12th, 2024


Trinity Center
618 Salter Path Rd
Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512


Double occupancy rooms. Each room has two beds and a private bathroom.


Provided by Trinity Center. Healthy and nutritious meals with fruits and nuts, veggies, and various protein options; coffee & tea. Accommodations will be made for special diet requirements.

What to bring:

Comfortable shoes and clothes, sweats, yoga pants, shorts, jacket, beach towel, beach blanket or chair, sunscreen.

Snacks for yourself or to share.


$444 includes food and lodging, guided self-love journey, ceremony, art and other activity materials. $100 deposit required – non-refundable if we cannot fill your space.

Register Now

Register on MeetupFacebook, or by email to and by sending your payment with a note of the event name and your email address to:

PayPal Friends and family to avoid fees please

Venmo @cathy-Grossbauer last 4 of phone are 7918

Cash app $soulyholistic

Zelle 570-954-7918

Credit cards accepted with an additional $5 fee email to ask for an invoice

Or contact Karin or Cathy directly to pay by check or credit card.

A $100 deposit is required to hold your space.  The balance is due by May 1st. Due to the Trinity Center’s booking and cancelation policies, this deposit may or may not be refundable, depending on whether we can replace you if you cancel.

About Trinity Center

Located three hours from Raleigh – just north of Wilmington and between Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach, Trinity Center is a sanctuary by the sea. An island refuge on the Southern Outer Banks. Come and walk their beaches or stand and watch the sunset on their sound-side pier, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the snowy white egret or majestic blue heron.

MORE INFORMATION about the Trinity Center.


Visit the Love Thyself Retreat Website to see pictures from previous retreats and information about other upcoming retreats.

Love Thyself Retreat for Women Spring 2024



It is NOT selfish or egotistical to pour into your own cup first, to care for and love yourself first. For it is then that you are truly able to love and care for others in a way that uplifts and benefits everyone.

Visit the Love Thyself Retreat Website to see pictures from previous retreats and information about other upcoming retreats.

Reflect on these Questions:


Do you love and accept yourself just the way you are?

Do you appreciate and honor yourself and your life’s journey so far?


Are you aware of your unique qualities and gifts and the differenct that you make in the world?


Are you BOLD and unapologetic in being your authentic self?


Do you “hold space” for yourself to do those things that restore and energize you?



FALL IN LOVE with who you really are.

Show up as your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF to your loved ones, your community, your planet, and most importantly – yourself.


Join Karin, Jazz, and Cathy for a weekend of discovery, healing, expansion, and LOVE in the midst of a lush forest where Mother Earth holds space for our journey and nourishes our souls.



Retreat Details


Cedar Cross Retreat Center
150 Cedar Cross Way
Louisburg, NC 27549


Everyone in one big house, individual beds in shared bedrooms with shared bathrooms


Healthy and nutritious meals with fruits and nuts, veggies, and various protein options; coffee & tea, snacks


$444 includes food and lodging, guided self-love journey, ceremony of love, art and other activity materials

What you need to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes, sweats, yoga pants, shorts, jacket or coat that allows you to be comfortable outdoors.
  • A favorite creamer for your coffee or something special you like to drink if you want it.
  • Snacks for yourself or to share.


The Retreat Center only sleeps 16, so if you are planning to attend the Love Thyself Retreat for Women and you want to lock in your spot, please RSVP by sending either full payment or a deposit of at least $50 with a note of the event name and your email address to:

Venmo @Karin-Cross-3 (to verify, the last 4 digits of the phone number is 2475)

Cash app $KarinCross

Please contact me directly if you prefer to use a credit card or check at or 919-397-2475.

Full payment is due by March 15th, (one week prior to the Retreat).



About Cedar Cross Retreat Center

Located 45 minutes to an hour outside of Raleigh, Cedar Cross offers four miles of trails through 52 acres in the woods of beautiful Franklin County, North Carolina.  Bordered by creeks, ponds, and beaver marsh, the property includes a variety of natural landscapes.

The Lodge offers a large community room with a vaulted ceiling, a wall of windows, skylights, wood stove, and brick floor.  It has a full kitchen and accommodates as many as 14 people.

MORE INFORMATION about Cedar Cross Retreat Center


Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited Life

You are an Unlimited Being.

You are responsible for your life.

No one else.

You have Unlimited Power to create.

You are responsible for achieving your goals and dreams.

No one else.


Are you aware of your Unlimited Self?  Do you know how to use your power to create your life the way you want to experience it?

Discover the ease and flow that comes automatically when you simply align your thoughts with what you are wanting to create.

It is so much easier than you think to manifest your dreams.

What you think, you create.  Your limiting thoughts and beliefs limit your ability to experience what you want and often create just the opposite.


But you are not your thoughts!

You are so much more!


Every single one of us has the power to be a



In Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited Life, you will identify the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, slow you down, and make your journey painful and hard. You will also learn to release these thoughts and replace them with empowered, abundant thinking and beliefs that will truly unleash your ability to be the DELIBERATE CREATOR you were always intended to be.


Each session includes:

  1. Information that supports the development and use of our unlimited abilities to create the life you desire;
  2. Exercises that help identify and shift limiting thoughts and beliefs;
  3. Rich discussion and sharing of manifesting wins and challenges;
  4. Take-home activities that will help you integrate your learning experience into your daily life.


Over time, you will learn about the law of attraction and other universal properties including our energetic natures, the unlimited abundance of the universe, our connection with each other, and the total well-being of all.  The teachings of Abraham Hicks are at the core of this information.

Other sources of learning come from neuroscience, positive psychology, physics, spiritual truths, various individuals.


Use Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited Life to focus on something that you would like to create or change in your life right now:

  • Launching a new business, job, or career
  • Attracting love
  • Buying a new home
  • Generating greater prosperity
  • Living in better health
  • Getting clarity about what you really want in life
  • Discovering your life’s work or purpose
  • Living in greater joy and peace
  • Anything you desire…

In learning how to release limiting thoughts and beliefs and how to be a DELIBERATE CREATOR in one area of your life, you learn how to take control of all aspects of your life.  You learn how to create your life completely on your terms.


Each Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited Life session builds on the last and helps you stay focused and moving forward towards your objectives.  Each session, however, is also stand-alone so that you will benefit even if you did not attend the previous class or any class.


We meet every other week, usually on Monday’s from 12:30pm to 2:30pm at Souly Holistic. We are scheduled through early December, will take a break for the holidays, and will pick things back up in January.


Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited Life 2020 Schedule

Monday, November 2nd

Class 1 Focus:          Becoming aware of Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs.   (Do you know that some Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs go back generations?!)


Tuesday, November 17th

Class 2 Focus:          Identifying what you want and the specific Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs that are getting in your way.


Monday, November 30th

Class 3 Focus:          Shifting from Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs to Unlimited Thinking


Monday, December 14th

Class 4 Focus:          Envisioning and Magnetizing what you want for 2021.


Each of the four sessions scheduled in 2020 is $20. If you purchase four, the first session of 2021 is FREE. Couples may attend for the price of one.


Register Now through Meetup


Register Now through Eventbrite


Are your thoughts aligned with your goal?

What does it mean to “align your thoughts with your goal” and why is it worth your time?


The short and simple answer to why it’s worth your time to align your thoughts with your goals – dreams – desires – is because doing so makes the journey faster, easier and more enjoyable.  Think “flow.”  Thoughts that are contrary to what you are wanting to achieve or experience, however, make the process slower, more complicated and more stressful.  Think “struggle.”

We don’t consciously choose to do things the “hard” way, but when I ask the question, “What do you want?” people almost always respond in one of two ways: Read More

Overwhelmed by “To-Do’s”?

Overwhelmed by so many To-Do’s?  It’s time to delegate to Universal Energy.

Feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed from the weight of having too much to do?  As an entrepreneur and a former HR professional, this stressful state is quite familiar to me. 

I’ve spent a lot of time pushing through and telling myself to work harder.  This strategy was never very effective though, and always left me tired, annoyed and even less productive.

When I learned about the Law of Attraction and the flow of Universal Energy, however, I began to understand what was happening during those times of overwhelm and how to tap into the productivity of Universal Energy to get more done in less time.  We can easily achieve so much more if our thoughts and energy are in alignment instead of working against each other. Read More

Monday Morning Mindset

Monday morning is a great opportunity to reflect on what you want to achieve and how you want to feel by the end of the week .  To help everything come together easily for you, take a moment to also make sure your thoughts are focused on what you want instead of what you don’t want to experience. 

If you are thinking about the lack of … time – money – people – cooperation – resources … or if you are thinking that your week and work will be difficult and stressful, then you are thinking about what you don’t want.  Read More

3 Simple Steps to Attracting More and Better Clients through Gratitude

This article ran in the July issue of Carolina Business Woman.

Gratitude changes everything – including all aspects of our business. 

Through a conscious gratitude practice, we can attract more and better clients into our business.  Try this simple 3-part gratitude practice to help you find the perfect balance of clients you love, work you enjoy and the financial rewards you desire. Read More

Spirit Connections: A Meditation Series

Focus for April – Magnetizing People You Don’t Yet Know 


Spirit Connections Overview

Have you been considering integrating meditation into your daily life? Or perhaps you already meditate but want to know more and go deeper? Regular meditation is the number one way to bring peace, focus and overall well-being into your life, but it can do a LOT more than that.

There are many different kinds of meditations. During this 10-month journey, I will introduce you to ten different meditations that will help you connect with your Inner Being, access Infinite Intelligence, and manifest all that you desire. Each session will begin with some instruction on that evening’s meditation followed by a focusing exercise. Then I will guide through the meditation. I will also provide you with a digital recording of each meditation.

Over the course of this meditative journey, you will:

1. Become more focused, at ease and open to receive insights, opportunities and gifts from the Universe; 
2. Build a conscious relationship with your Inner Being; 
3. Meet your Future Self and receive guidance and support for future manifestations; 
4. Meet subpersonalities that are currently holding you back so that you can transform their limiting beliefs; 
5. Attract people, material things, situations and experiences; 
6. Connect with others (living or deceased) on the soul plane; 
7. Access Infinite Intelligence for wisdom, guidance and even specific ideas for creating your desire.

Meditation Focus for Each Session:

• Session 1 – Focusing Meditation

• Session 2 –Your Inner Being 

• Session 3 – Magnetizing material things and opportunities 
• Session 4 – Magnetizing people you do not yet know(business partners, clients, co-creators) 
• Session 5 – Advanced Magnetizing material things and opportunities 
• Session 6 – Releasing limiting beliefs 
• Session 7 – Accessing your natural state of well-being and physical health and vitality 
• Session 8 – Attracting a soul mate 
• Session 9 – Communicating with others’ Inner Beings 
• Session 10 – Your Future Self

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016 
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm 
Cost: $20 per person is appreciated.


RALEIGH: Law of Attraction Life Class: The Seven Essential Universal Laws (Class 3)

The Law of Allowing

We had a great meeting last month as we talked about how to deliberately create whatever we were wanting.  We talked about attracting a new house that’s just the right size in just the right place for just the right price, and through our discussion we helped the home buyer even better align her thoughts and energy so that she can attract her new home easily.  We also talked about starting a new business and all the resources already available to attract and serve more than enough customers to be profitable.  As we identified the skills, experience, wisdom, and various options for putting this dream in motion, the soon-to-be new business owner aligned her thoughts with her vision, and we all shared in the excited anticipation of it.

These are just two of the fun and inspiring conversations that we had in June as we applied our understanding of the Universal Laws, and specifically the Law of Deliberate Creation, to our everyday lives and to what we were wanting to create or experience.  How are you applying your knowledge of the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws in your life?  Are you using them as your own personal Easy Button?  If you are wanting to be a more deliberate creator of your life and experience having your ownUniversal Easy Button, you’ll definitely want to join us for July’s conversation about the Law of Allowing.

The Law of Allowing – or as I like to call it, the Law of Getting Out of Your Own Way – is the key to the attraction process working out the way you want it to and better.  Step 1 of the creative process is to ask for what you want.  In step 2 the Universe begins orchestrating in response to your desire.  And in step 3 you get out of the way and allow the Universe to begin delivering to you through sparks of thought, coincidences and perfect timing.  To be in a state of “allowing” you must either be in alignment with your desire, or you must at least not be offering any resistance to receiving your desire through your thoughts and actions.  Resistance comes in the form of limiting beliefs and focus on what is unwanted or the lack of what is wanted.

Join us Thursday, July 16th, to learn more about the Law of Allowing and how you can better “allow” the Universe to deliver to you all that you desire…how you can better utilize your own Universal Easy Button.

I look forward to seeing you!


Date:     Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time:     7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cost:      Love offering of $10 per person is appreciated.




Happy Anyway

April Topic – To Be Determined


I believe that life is meant to be fun and joyful, but many people are not having a lot of fun, and they’re not very joyful.  For some, happiness comes very easily.  Unfortunately, I’m not among this group…or at least I didn’t use to be.  

Join me monthly, to learn exactly how to be Happy Anyway.  In these monthly sessions you will learn how to:

• Tweak your thoughts so that they support your desire to be happy;

• Shift your perspective so that you open yourself to receive more positive people and experiences in your life;

• Focus your thoughts on what you want rather than what you do not want;

• Release aspects of the past that may be holding you back so that you can move forward;

• Let go of the outcomes so that you can enjoy the journey.

Life is too short to be unhappy when you really do have complete control over your thoughts and emotions.Understanding the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws and applying them to my life using simple processes and exercises has helped me transform my meloncholy nature to one that is almost always Happy Anyway – regardless of the people or circumstances surrounding me.  In fact, this knowledge has made such a difference in my life and the lives of friends and loved ones, I pursued it as a niche for my coaching practice and became a certified Law of Attraction coach last May.  Now I want to share my journey and this wisdom with others who walk a similar path.